Fun Fact #20: Is snowmobiling safe?

Is Snowmobiling Safe

Thoughts of winter conjure up classic snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, or sledding- but one sport seems to raise eyebrows more than the rest.  Snowmobiling is a lot like using a four-wheeler for snow.  It’s not inherently bad or deadly, but if the proper precautions aren’t taken, it can be dangerous.

Here’s some information about snowmobiling, as well as what to do to stay safe.

What is Snowmobiling?

Also known as a motor sled, these machines are large ski-adjacent vehicles that can cover a lot of space in a little time.  Powered by a motor that rotates on the back half of the vehicle and propels it forward on flippers on the front, it can be hazardous if someone gets pulled underneath it.

These are legal in most states where snow is present, but there are regulations on age and proximity to adults.  Most people should wear safety gear while riding, at least sunglasses or goggles, a good pair of boots, gloves, and a helmet.  Helmets have been found to reduce injury by as much as sixty percent.

Why Could It Be Dangerous?

Snowmobiles bring with them most of the same dangers as other large vehicles.  If they’re not driven safely, if people around the rider aren’t careful, or if the terrain is unstable, they can be dangerous. 

It would be best if you didn’t drive these under the influence of alcohol, weed, or drugs since it could leave you more likely to get into an accident.

Rocky or unreliable terrain could leave the driver at serious risk of a crash into the ground, or a tree or person if precautions aren’t made, people could die or get seriously injured.

How Do I Ride Safely?

Logic and common sense are the only way to go.  Think seriously about your route you’ll be riding and who’s with you when you’re riding.  Wear the correct safety equipment, and ensure that those who ride with you are also adequately dressed.

Keep your eyes on the path ahead of you, and avoid areas that are too thick with trees or rocks.  These could end up fatal, if not seriously hurting you or your passenger.  Look into trails that are well known, and don’t boost your speed above what’s necessary.  It would help if you kept an eye on how fast you’re going, and where to be safe.

Where Can I Ride?

Riding is prohibited in some areas.  Three resorts in the USA banned it altogether, including two in Utah and one in Vermont.  Most places in Canada keep it completely legal, which could lead many to desperately searching for Banff homes for sale if you’re not sure if an area allows snowmobiling you can research online, or call ahead to double-check.

Snowmobiling is one of the most exciting things a person can do in the winter, and it shouldn’t be as dangerous as some people think it is.  By planning, paying attention, and keeping on the main trails, you can ensure that you have a great time riding through the snow.

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