Foster Hope Sacramento

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time at FosterHope Sacramento and it was amazing! Just listening to people share their stories was INCREDIBLE. I’ll be honest, Foster Hope is one of THEE best agencies around, They put so much effort and love in everything they do. You can tell how much they care. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to become involved with them! Thank you guys, and keep up the amazing work.

TODAY is Big Day Of Giving! Make sure to stop by to donate to #FosterHopeSacramento #BDOG2018

16 thoughts on “Foster Hope Sacramento

  1. I literally hear about foster care everyday now bc I know the Lord wants me involved. My dream is to have a home where the unwanted can live should they not be adopted. I have to raise $2000 for a foster kids camp and have no idea as to how but I’m praying!

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  2. Thank you for the follow. I am following back. You have a very nice blog here and I congratulate you for posting about the foster home.
    Children who are not adopted do indeed need to be placed and cared for in good foster homes.

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